03.–09.11.2009 Nasutów Creative juggling against routine in your life European Centre of Youth Co-operation

Juggling skills seem impossible for ordinary people but practically everyone can master them. It shows us that we can do anything we want and desire. Beside juggling (different equipment), during the workshop participants will take part in different self-development exercises.

The project is directed to adult (from 18 years old) workers, family members, people who feel routine in their professional and private life. This is for those who want to change their life, feel tiredness, boredom, don’t know how to overcome the everyday problems, feel blocked with their new ideas. For those who want to re-discover their potential and give a new quality to their life.

Preferred are:

  • applicants from: Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands
  • persons, who don’t have any experience in juggling
  • immigrants

How to apply:

Please fill in the enclosed application form and send it to us on following e-mail
Please send as well the application with your signature by mail (scanned), by fax or by post on the contact data below.
At the same time the application form should be sent to the National Agency in your country and to the National Agency in Poland.
The deadline for sending application forms is 19.10.2009.
We will give you respond concerning your participation until 21.10.2009.
With all classified participants we will contact individually by e-mail.


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