Since 10 years already our Foundation promotes the idea of community media in Poland. It is such an initiative that serves the development of the civil society and inspires the citizens to create a dialogue and to express their own ideas and thoughts.

During 2003-2005 we have created in the Foundation the program of the community media centre. Creating this program we used the experience of our partners from Germany, Sweden and Norway. There are community media centres and non-commercial open TV channels where one can get trained. Besides taking part in the film and internet trainings the citizens of Berlin, Gothenburg or Münster can themselves invent and produce TV programs. Everything that is connected with the community topics and non-conventional but high quality form can be shown on television. Thanks to this every citizen has a free access to the media.

Since 2003 our Foundation organizes journalistic trainings and media workshops for the youth. Moreover, we realize long –term projects which aim at the development of the vocational training in the sphere of media and informational and communication technologies (EU-Media Trainer; EU- Trainer for ICT and Media Competences – Life Long Learning Programme) as well as projects the main aim of which is to create web TV.

In 2006 we began to work on the creation of the web TV channel for the NGOs . We have also created an international NGOTV team which is trained to work and cover the events of the conferences, seminars or videoconferences.

Since 2007 we have been producing a common European web TV magazine Prioritaire! with our partners from Belarus, France, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine. This magazine is making European issues closer to East Europe and at the same time it draws the culture and traditions of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine closer to the citizens of the EU.

In 2008 we started the production of Polish-Ukrainian magazine Plac L about culture of two twin cities Lublin and Lutsk. Community media are not only trainings for young and starting journalists and amateurs, but also a deal of film and program production that is being shown on internet.

During the international trainings which Foundation realizes together with our partners in different cities of Europe (Lublin, Lviv, Münster, Orleans, Rishon Le Zion, Istambul, Tbilisi) the youth itself makes reports about culture, community, history, religion and political issues. The majority of these productions you can watch in the internet or at the public shows of these films.

We use community media in the political education. We organize seminars which aim at initiating public debates on different topics that are of interest to the citizens of European Union. Moreover we have realized videoconferences with the citizens of partner cities of Lublin, which are Lutsk and Münster. We also gave media support at the Economic Forum of Young Leaders. Our international team including the workers of the NGOs from Belarus, Germany, and Ukraine made media coverage of that event.

Our Foundation is also a member and a founder of the European association - European Youth4Media e.V. with an office in Münster. In 2008 Foundation got a Diploma for a Polish-German-Israel project that filmed the biography of the witnesses of the II World War.

Foundation together with the European Youth4Media e.V. works actively on the development of the community media in Poland and other European states as well as on the development of the web TV program which is broadcasted in the internet.

Community Media Centre multimedial gallery

Грамадскія медыі Еўрарэгіёну Буг 2006/2007 Праграма сустрэч

„Młodzi filmowcy Euroregionu Bug”
EU - Media Trainer


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