18.12.-2008 Lublin Academy of democracy - a handbook for civic and political education of youth European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

We encourage to familiarize and order the handbook “Academy of democracy. A handbook for civic and political education of youth”. This publication aims to deliver solutions for such problems of contemporary Poland like the low level of citizens participation, mostly young people, in the public life or the low turnout rate.

The publication is designed for teachers leading classes in secondary schools and for trainers leading workshops in frames of informal education activities (i.e. as a part of educational programs of NGOs).

There handbook is divided into 6 thematic units: Human rights, Civil society, Democracy, Europe, Globalization, multiculturalism and contemporary global problems and Project. Each unit contains 5 lessons scenarios. Each scenario can be realized within 45 or in 90 minutes.

To order the handbook please send an e-mail to:

One person/institution may order 5 handbooks at maximum.
The costs of delivery has to be covered by the person who orders the publication.
We ask you to mention in the e-mail the number of handbooks that you wish to order and
the address to which the publication should be sent.

Order form : PL /MS Word/

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