15.03.2017r., Lublin Be The Change! European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

International exchange realized by the Erasmus + will take place between 22.04.2017 and 28.04.2017 in Nasutów near Lublin. It will concern 30 participants active in various organizations or starting their career with NGO. Age group of the project is between 18-30, participants from 5 countries: Poland, France, Romania, Italy and Lithuania.

The aim of the project is to develop participants skills such as: group work, public speaking, creativity, communication, operating the camera and video edition. This aim goes along with Erasmus+ project: increasing level of key competences and skills of young people.
All stages of the exchange are aimed to prepare participants in acquiring knowledge and skills important in public speaking, moderating and taking part in panels and preparing interviews with panellists during various events (conferences, seminars, workshops).
Additionally acquired skills are helpful in encouraging development of young people potential, potential of people with whom we work every day. Participants will try to answer the question: How does Young Leader look like nowadays.

As the final output of the meeting, participants will create a reporting in which they will include interviews with people living in Lublin, concerning topics such as:

  • How a young leader looks/should look nowadays?
  • Examples of young leaders.
  • What traits should young people develop in order to become leaders in future?
  • Is it important to be socially involved and how does it look like in practice?

Participants of the project will challenge the task through mutual cooperation and taking part in series of workshops.

Main objective of our project is to provide an opportunity to promote social involvement. It will be possible through preparing reports, as well as with chance to develop traits important for Young Leaders to become kind of ambassadors of youth, active, full of motivation and interesting ideas people who will be important for Europe during harsh times.

We want to, as Gandhi once said, be defined as: "The change you want to see in the world."

"We believe that this event will develop cooperation between countries and will break barriers. As a result of the project we want to provide participants with knowledge which they will adopt to further mobilization and inspiration of their colleagues in the fields of interest such as: involvement in democratic life of Europe and labour market, active citizenship and international dialogue."