29.09.2016r., Lublin SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND CREATE A MANUAL FOR POLISH-UKRAININAN EXCHANGES European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

We strongly invite youth employees, educators and people who support Polish-Ukrainian cooperation to take part in a seminar which will be organised on October 23-30 2016 in Nasutów. It will be a great opportunity to test the unique bilingual set of methods, games and scenarios essential for everybody who wants to administer a Polish-Ukrainian youth and cultural exchanges.

The title of the seminar is ‘Today’s successful youth exchange – guarantee of good neighbourhood tomorrow’ and it is carter to youth employees, trainers, youth leaders and volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 from Poland and Ukraine.

Our aim is to create unique bilingual manual which will serve everybody who will administer Polish-Ukrainian youth exchanges. In the book one will find a set of scenarios and integration games useful for motivating a project’s participants and carrying out project’s evaluation. Additionally, there will be a chapter with methods and tips concerning the popularisation of exchange’s results as well as a chapter with Polish and Ukrainian songs with guitar chords.

The seminar is a great opportunity for all participants to broaden their knowledge about effective realisation and promotion of Polish-Ukrainian youth exchanges. What is more, staying in one training centre with our neighbours form Ukraine will give the participants a space to exchange their professional background and experience with exchange projects.

Join us!


Dom Nasutów ,
Nasutów 98A
21-025 Niemce (15 km from Lublin)


23.10.2016 – 30.10.2016


To create a book which will help many young people in preparing Polish-Ukrainian Exchanges.


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Project" "Today’s successful youth exchange – guarantee of good neighbourhood tomorrow" is administered by European Meeting Center – Nowy Staw Fundation and Center for Eropean Initiatives from the City of Sumy.

Project is financed by Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council.