20.09.2016r., Lublin "Young people at the labour market" European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

The conference will be held on 27 September at 9:00 in Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne in Lublin. It will summarize the project carried out by European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation in association with Erasmus+ and partner organizations from Slovakia, Malta and Italy.

Our main focus in last two years was to find successful methods and tools supporting process of entering the labour market of young people graduating from universities and vocational schools.

All along the project we researched the labor market on what competences are the most important for young people starting their professional career. We prepared a list of the most wanted competences that young people should develop. As a result of the research we made a set of scenarios which may be helpful in working with young people to prepare them better to start professional career.

Our main goal was also promoting active citizenship as a natural field for gaining social competences which are vital on the labour market. All together we prepared a booklet encouraging young people to gain experience outside their universities and make them aware of advantages of this alternative.

We want to make our conference an opportunity to share results of our work with wider audience but as well to enable people discuss topics concerning problems of young people entering the job market, needs of employers hiring graduates and ways to make them progressive in shaping their skills and competences in the job market.

That’s why we want to invite to the conference all people connected with the issue of supporting young people in entering the labour market but as well entrepreneurs and young people who want to share their opinions concerning the topic.


TVP3 Lublin
Stowarzyszenie Lubelski Klub Biznesu

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