29.06.2016 – 05.07.2016r., Lublin - Nasutów E-Volunteering as a tool for building a common future European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

From 29.06 – 05.07.2016 in the Dom Nasutów near Lublin, we have organized an international training, which was implemented as a partn of the „E-Volunteering as a tool for building a common future” project. The project was co-financed by Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund from the donation of MEN.

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The participants of our training were youth workers from different organizations functioning in Poland and Lithuania, which main activities are based on daily cooperation with and work of e-volunteers. The main subject of the training were issues related with working with e-volunteers.

Most of the participants have an experience in working with volunteers but some of them have never heard about the theme of e-volunteering.


During the training, participants had chance to share experiences on their previous work with volunteers and also to obtain theoretical and practical information about working with e-volunteers. Thanks to a variety occupations they had opportunity get information about what really the e-volunteering is and how it differs from the work with volunteers in the office. They also learned how to recruit, motivate, support and coordinate the e-volunteers’ work.


An opportunity to deepen the gained knowledge was the second stage of training – joint work on development of materials containing a set of tips for people who want to work with e-volunteers. For 3 days the participants, divided into groups, tried to find practical information about various aspects of organization of work with e-volunteers. It was a chance to expand their knowledge and also to create the methodology that will help other people who would like to base a part of their work on cooperation with e-volunteers.

The result of our hard work is a manual which contains a set of practical tips on effective organization of e-volunteer’s work.

The manual can be downloaded here (here) or receive via e-mail after prior contact with our Foundation. We hope that content will be useful at all stages of the work with e-volunteers.


Besides hard work the participants of our training had also the opportunity to visit Lublin where they participated in the city game. They could also observe the work of our Foundation and integrate with local community during the cultural evenings.


The next stage of our project will be testing the acquired knowledge in practice. After returning to their organizations each of participants will recruit 1 e-volunteer and coordinate his work. Polish and Lithuanian e-volunteers will work together on preparation the materials about their countries.

The project was co-financed by
Polish-Lithuanian Youth Exchange Fund
from the donation of MEN.