23-29.10.2011 Nasutow, Warszawa The project titled "The Economic Situation in Poland and Germany" finished! Polish-German Youth Cooperation

The Polish-German project took place in Nasutow (near Lublin) between 23rd and 29th October. The project concerned the economic situation both in Poland and in Germany. Students from the High School no 1 in Lublin and students from OSZ Bürowirtschaft und Dienstleistungen school in Berlin took part in this project.

This project was the common initiative of Europejski Dom Spotkań- Fundacja Nowy Staw in Lublin and the organisation DGB Jugendbildungsstaette in Flecken-Zechlin. The main objective of the project was the comparison of the economic situation in Poland and in Germany, as well as arousing interest of young people in economic issues. The youth from both countries worked in international teams and took part in workshops.


The visit in the company "Instal" was a great experience for the participants. This company is located at Lucyny Herc Street 9. The youth had a possibility to talk to the company president and ask how the work looks like in such kind of companies as well as what kind of rights and responsibilities workers have, etc. The participants also found out that the firm offers professional traineeship for students or pupils from vocational classes.  


The youth also visited the local centre of European Social Funds in Lublin, where they received information about trainings, which can be used by the unemployed. The German participants had a possibility to visit High School no 1, which is attended by Polish participants.


In their free time the participants also had many attractions, such as Polish national evening, which was organized by the polish group. During this evening the German participants had a possibility to see how a Polish weeding party looks like, as well as to taste polish delicacies. Besides there were also a camp-fire and bowling.


Project supported by the Polish-German Youth Office