03.11.2010| Lublin Polish minor community meeting "Voluntary work across the boarders" European Centre of Youth Co-operation

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation organizes for the third time Polish minor community meeting for youth. This year the meeting is entitled: "Voluntary work across the boarders" - it’s subject will be related to European Year of Voluntary Work. It takes place between 2nd - 12th September 2011 in Nasutow, Lublin, Nowy Sącz and Krakow.

"Voluntary work across the boarders" will be 11 days meeting of young people, representing Polish institutions, NGO’s and schools from Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The meeting will be a kind of workshops of sharing good practices and experiences in frame of voluntary work and leadership skills as well as it is going to be great opportunity to contact with history and chance to make new contacts and friendships with peers from Poland and Europe.

The meeting will be divided into two parts: first part will be held in Nasutow and Lublin - here will be: meeting with the Major of Lublin, meeting with Polish students from secondary schools, joint workshops with representatives of voluntary organizations from Lublin, sightseeing in Lublin etc.

Second part will take place in Nowy Sącz and Krakow - here the young people will participate in sixth Economic Forum of Young Leaders (more info about the Forum: After the Forum young Poles will visit Krakow and Sandomierz.

The project is realized thanks to funds of
 Chancellery of Polish Senate