09.12.2009 Lublin "Over the walls Tomber les murs – Break down the barriers – Mauern stürzen”. A European meeting. European Centre of Youth Co-operation

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, representatives of the European Meeting House-New Staw Foundation at the invitation of "le Service Jeunes de la Communauté Mission de France" (The Youth Service of the Mission Community of France) had the honor to attend the conference under the title “ Over the walls- Break down the barriers 2009” which take place from 30.10-1.11.2009 in Berlin.

Meeting, over 200 young people from France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and from Poland inspired the idea of commemorating 20 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and in light of the forthcoming celebrations of the hill symbolic "ladder" over the walls and divisions. Young Europeans met at 30.10-01.11 in the days of non-accidental city of Berlin, together with the witnesses to the events of 1989 reflect on the history, the present, to confront their feelings and thoughts with their peers from different European countries. The aim of the organizers was not only instilling in young Europeans the idea of unity, seeking to overthrow the walls of any kind, whether social, racial or religious reasons but also to delve into its own memory, so as to better understand the world around us today.

During the debate, under the title "Europe at the time of division. Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall”, the young participants had the opportunity to listen the memories from the point of view of witnesses the changes of 1989. The discussion was attended by among others Vice-President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Thierse, one of the authors of the "Charter 77" Prague Bishop Vaclav Maly and former spokesman for the Czechoslovak Radio Vatican Jesuit Pert Kolar.

The second debate has taken on modern walls. Cited example of the wall built by Israel in the Middle East met with great interest from the listeners. Invited guests-representatives of humanitarian organizations that help people living on both sides of the wall, shared with the audience their feelings and experiences acquired during his stay in Jerusalem.

In addition to discussions in the conference were two types of workshops. The first is a workshop about Europe. Participants had the opportunity to meet with Jean-Pierre Raffin French MEP, take part in a simulated meeting of the European Parliament and meet with the young Turkish artists.

The intention of the second workshop was, that students, students on the bike, on foot with a camera or a camera in hand, walked in the footsteps of the Berlin Wall Berlin. And the end result was an exhibition of photographs, film and several short plays depicting feelings, emotions and thoughts associated with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Formal closure of the conference took place at a joint prayer for peace, which was attended by representatives of different faiths.

Honorary patron of the meeting took the former European Commission President Jacques Delors.