16.09.2009 Lublin Call for participants – German-Polish movie production European Centre of Youth Co-operation

„Meet young Germans, discover Lublin, have a party, create a movie about the city, train your English and Polish and win a prize.” The latest offer of the Nowy Staw Foudation and its German partner German-Polish Young Academy really should appeal to everyone open-minded to try something new.

The „Movie connecting people“ exchange project will take place in Nasutów, near to Lublin, Poland. Instructed by media trainers, the participants will get to know the city and create a short movie about its residents. Although so well known to the Polish, the German perspective on the city and the common group experience will possibly initiate a creative working atmosphere. The outcome has the chance to win a prize up to 5000 zloty (1250 Euro)!

Main goal of the exchange is to create a 3-minute film about the people in Lublin for the „We from Lublin“ (My z Lublina) film competition announced by the Kinoteatrprojekt.


On, you find all submitted movies of the competition's previous edition:

The exchange takes place 4-11 October in Nasutów near Lublin and YOU still take part in it! for more details.

The basics here:

  • 100 zloty (25 Euro) participation fee,
  • accomodation and board is provided by us!
  • No camera and editing experience required, but .
  • Participants are supposed to be present during the whole project.

The project is co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation