17.07.2009 Recruitment for the Economic Forum has started! Economic Forum of Young Leaders

Thursday, July 16th, 13:30 – 590 applications received and still counting! In its fourth edition, the Economic Forum of Young Leaders established a new record of applications. You can still submit yours until Friday, July 17th on!

The record breaking number of submitted application forms might be a result of the online application process we launched this year”, explains Michał Wójcik, Chief Program Director of the event.

An application form implemented in the Forum's website allows every young leader from Armenia to Portugal to submit his application in less than an hour. In the last year's edition, the participants applied by sending a traditional email.

This year, we explored new ways of promoting the Forum on the internet by using community networks such as Facebook, Twitter, XING and the Polish portal nasza klasa. This multiplied our impact considerably”, adds Daniel Stelmasiewicz, Coordinator of the Economic Forum.

The coordinating office of the Economic Forum of Young Leaders still accepts applications until Friday, 17th July 2009. Go to:

The Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz (close to Krakow) is accompanying the 19th Economic Forum in Krynica. It is a meeting of young social, economic and political leaders from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. There will be over 250 representatives of political, non- governmental, social and economic organizations from more than 30 countries. The Forum is a place of discussion and reflection about important problems and challenges for Europe with a special focus on the role of the young generation in the process of social and economic changes on the continent. The subject of the Forum are as follows: identity and European values and most of all the meaning of solidarity in the contemporary world. Moreover, there will be touched upon the issues of the vision of the European Union, development based on knowledge and youth workers mobility.

For more information contact:
Daniel Stelmasiewicz
Coordinator of the Forum
0048 (0)81 536 10 88