Education campaign „The Multicultural Face of Lublin” finished !
European Centre of Youth Co-operation

The presentations of different cultures took place from the 15th to the 29th of June during the education campaign „Faces of Multicultural Lublin” carried our by the European Meeting Center – Nowy Staw Foundation. The project, during which foreigners from, for example, Nigeria, China and Estonia presented their country and its rich culture in educational institutions in Lublin (schools, children day care centers and orphanages) resulted in a positive feedback from the schools' principals, teachers, pupils and the foreigners themselves.

The aim of the project which was the promotion of Lublin’s multiculturality had been realized thoroughly as the lectures of our foreigners Laura, Fillipo, Angelika, Xu Han Priscilla Neil, Salvatore, Conny, Wisdom, Ricardo, Daiddel and Niyi were well prepared.

The pupils of the schools taking part underlined the fact, that the meetings with representatives of cultures from all around the globe were a good occasion not only to try traditional German dishes, talk about Polish and Estonian identity and bust the myth of the Sicilian mafia, but as well gave them the possibility to try their skills with rarely spoken languages in Lublin like for example Chinese or Spanish.


The principals of the schools didn’t hide their satisfaction with the outcome of the project, which was to introduce the pupils to the cultural variety of the foreigners living in Lublin. According to them, the pupils’ direct contact with Estonians, Scotsmen, Ukrainians and Cubans during the 45 minutes lasting meetings let them forget about stereotypes and prejudices. What is more, the direct contact with foreign languages might motivate them to study, for example, Italian or German.

If you represent an educational institution and got interested in lessons with foreigners
you are invited to contact the coordinators of “Faces of Multicultural Lublin”: