24.05.2009. Lublin II Christian Social Week „Solidarity for the future” European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

We have pleasure to inform that II Christian Social Week took place in Lublin on may 22-24, 2009 under the main subject “Solidarity for the future”. The conference was organized under the honorable patronage of Bronisław Komorowski, Marshal of Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Archbishop Józef Życiński, Metropolitan of Lublin Region, and Krzysztof Grabczuk, Marshal of Lublin Region.

The II Christian Social Week gathered almost 200 participants – the represents of catholic Church, different associations and foundations, the members of “Solidarity” trade unions, people of science, entrepreneurs, self-governance activity, media, citizens’ initiatives and informal groups of activity from whole Poland. Among the lecturers of II Christian Social Week there were 30 frontal and well-known representatives of social, political and cultural life.

Nine crucial discussions’ panels have been provided for three days of conference. Mainly, the participants were actively discussing about the most important challenges for Polish society , especially in the sense of Polish significant heritage of “Solidarity” and contemporary need of “Solidarity”. Besides, the other discussions had been conducted about the following crucial matters for Poland: Polish citizens, society and state as the drawn balance after 20 years of achieving desired freedom; “Solidarity” in the XXI century; family and work as the most important challenge of contemporary life; the Church towards social present transitions; solidarity definitions towards current social needs; good practice of human solidarity; education and upbringing; local activity; poverty; active parish; social and economic model for Poland and Europe; migration processes in the European countries.

The participants of II Christian Social Week have declared the deep and firm responsibility for the future of regional “motherlands”, for Poland and for united Europe.

Nowadays, on behalf of the Committee of the Organizers we solemnly invite all of You to participate in the next Christian Social Week, which surely take place in 2010.

The summarize and formal documentation from II Christian Social Week are provided on the website

  • Archbishop Józef Życiński, Metropolitan of Lublin Region
  • Andrzej Czuma, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland
  • Bożena Borys – Szopa, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland in charge of social affairs, labor law and job safety, liaison with the social partners
  • Eloy Bedoya, Fundación Humanismo y Democracia, Madrid
  • Francisco Rivas Gomez, Deputy Secretary General of the European Center for Workers'Questions, Germany
  • Janina Švedienė, Deputy Chairwoman of the European Center for Workers'Questions, Lithuania
  • Ľubica Černá, Republik of Slovakia
  • Maria Reina Martin, Executive Secretary of Fidestra, Portugal
  • Marian Król, Chairman of the trade union NSZZ „Solidarność” (Solidarity), Central-Eastern Poland Regional Department
  • Leszek Walczak, Chairman of the Trade Union NSZZ „Solidarność”, Bydgoszcz Regional Department Waldemar Bartosz, Chairman of the Trade Union NSZZ „Solidarność”, Świętokrzyski Regional Department
  • Jacek Rybicki, Secretary of the Federal Committee of the Trade Union NSZZ „Solidarność”
  • Maciej Płażyński, President of the „Polish Community”
  • Longin Komołowski, former Deputy Prime Minister in charge of employment and social policy (1997-2001)
  • Krzysztof Żuk, Subsecretary in the Treasury Department
  • Prof. Wiesław Kamiński Ph.D., Principal of the Marie Curie-Skłodowska-University Lublin (2005-2008)
  • Ks. Prof. Stanisław Zięba Ph.D., Rector of Administration & Finances, Catholic University of Lublin
  • Prof. Alfred Wierzbicki Ph.D., Dean of the John Paul II.-Institute, Catholic University of Lublin
  • Prof. Zbigniew Zaleski Ph.D., Catholic University of Lublin, Member of the European Parliament
  • Adam Cichocki, Voivodeship of the Lublin Region 1991-1993
  • Prof. Jerzy Stępień Ph.D., Presiding Judge at the Constitutional Court (2006-2008)
  • Ks. Stanisław Fel Ph.D, Catholic University Lublin
  • Prof. Henryk Cioch Ph.D., Cooparative Savings Credit Bank (SKOK)
  • Father Tomasz Dostatni, Ordo Fratrum Praedicatorum
  • Jerzy Limanówka, Pallottine Mission
  • Pralat Henryk Błaszczyk, Dean of the „Kapelanat” in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • Zbigniew Nosowski, Chief Editor of the Periodical „Więź”
  • Włodzimierz Karpiński, Member of the Parliament (Sejm)
  • Father Filip Buczyński Ph.D, President of Lublin Children Hospice of “Mały Książe”.
  • Father Ludwik Wiśniewski, Ordo Fratrum Praedicatorum, Spiritual Guide and Counselor;
  • Andrzej Juros Ph.D., Catholic University of Lublin
  • Michał Drozdek, Former President of the Paderewski-Institute
  • Zbigniew Nasalski, Director of Lublin Castle
  • Tomasz Różniak, President of European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation