30.03.2009. Lublin Looking for a dialogue. European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

Youth from Münster (Germany), Luck (Ukraine) and lubelskie region will meet together in Nasutów and Lublin during a youth exchange, which will take place between March 29th and April 5th.

The project “Common past, common future: looking for a dialogue” aims to facilitate getting to know culture and history of our neighbours and will be a platform for looking for a dialogue in discussion on historic and political topics by means of numerous integration workshops, language animation, debates and simulation workshops. Each of national groups will also present their traditions and local customs and show a movie produced in their country, which will facilitate a discussion.

An important part of the activities will be a documentation of tracks of Ukrainian and German culture in Lublin which are part of the multicultural past of the city. The results of this work will be publicly presented in “a moving exhibition”, which will appear on the streets of Lublin on April 2nd as well as during follow-up exhibitions in Luck, Münster and Lublin after completion of the project.

The young people will also visit the former concentration camp of Majdanek and will take part in human rights workshops prepared by a fellow of Humanity in Action, who took part in Summer Core Program in Warsaw and Berlin.

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The youth exchange is organized by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation
with financial support of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation.