23-28.10.2008 Muenster The Intercult 2008 Festival Civil Media Centre

How can young people from different countries get together peacefully and create a very ambitious final product aiming towards high quality and a social message?

Since the beginning of 2008 that INTERCULT has gathered many youngsters together around music and media to break down barriers existing both in communication and understanding. The Intercult 2008 festival is organised by the European Youth4Media Network. Production teams made up of young people from ten European countries showcased and discussed their work, as well as collaborated on a series of live broadcasts.

The Intercult final event took place in Muenster, Germany, from the 23rd to the 26th of October. Fundacja Nowy Staw was represented there and contacts between partner organizations keep on ocurring with success. The organizations represented brought to Muenster films, documentaries or fiction created in their home countries. Problematic subjects like internet access to poor families, the Roma community exclusion, the conflict between Israel and Palestine or the forced labour during Second World War were approached. The level of creativity and competence was incredibly high and the product shown to the general public in Halle Muensterland surprised everyone. We could attend the performances of Maxim, Independenzia and the Youth4Media artists and live broadcasts of cultural and social interest.