25.09.2008. Youth from Lublin region has a voice! European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

Media o debacie : Radio Lublin
Wypowiedź wolontariusza Malte Kappe i Prezesa Fundacji Tomasza Różniaka

Media o debacie : Radio eR
Wypowiedzi uczestników debaty oraz
Anny Moskwy Wice-Prezes Europejskiego Domu Spotkań - Fundacji Nowy Staw

Media o debacie : Radio CENTRUM
Wypowiedzi uczestników: Klaudia Pyszczek, Artur Trautman,

European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation invites young people from the region to participate in a great debate organized within European Week of the Youth. The debate “Młoda Lubelszczyzna ma głos!” (Youth from Lublin region has a voice!”) will take place in Lublin Castle on the 10th October 2008. At the same time similar debates will take place in other regions of Poland and European Union.

The aim of the debate is getting to know the opinion of young people about what should be done in order to improve their situation and create effective environment for their development. We would like to take a chance in creating guidelines for the new youth policy which will start to be realized in 2010.

250 young people will be working in 7 thematic groups (Youth on the labor market; youth in rural areas; active citizenship in local community; ideal school; free time after school – non formal education?; youth information policy and young European in region) and during the debate they will have a chance to confront their opinions with experts.

Results and proposals worked out during the debate will be presented to European Commission in Spring 2009. Let us be heard!