05.09.2008 Europe-let's get to know each other through art! European Centre of Youth Co-operation

As we already know, the 'Creative School' competition has been resolved. Of all works that have been sent to the competition, three most inventive and compliant with the terms of the competition were chosen. Among those was a sketch of a project written by junior high students from Świdnik, who decided to invite youth from Finland, Bulgaria and Portugal for an exchange and get to know their European friends through art.

The works on the application have been finished and we are now preparing for realization of the project, which will be held between the 19th and the 26th of September in Nasutów. The title of our exchange is 'Europe-let's get to know each other through art.' The participants of a quadrilateral exchange are young people aged 14-18. It is important to mention that a vital part of the project was written not only by the Polish participants, but also the other partners of the project.

The main aim of our project is to create a performance, which will reflect integration between young people from four different parts of Europe. We decided to split all participants into 3 artistic groups. The first one will take care of the media part and the artistic setting, the second group will consist of actors and the third of music and dance fans. After consulting this matter with our partners we decided that such division of workshops will suit our participants' tastes best. The performance will take place in Gimnazjum im. Mikołaja Kopernika in Świdnik on the 24th of September at 11.15. All people interested in the project are welcome to come and watch it then.

Text written by the co-ordinator of the project