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Akademia Złota 9
We invite youth to the VII edition of Academy Złota 9

A new edition of Academy Złota 9 started. This educational project is realized by European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation and the Monastery of Dominicans. We invite youth from Lubelskie Region in the age of 15-21 years old.

Academy Złota 9 is a unique educational offer for youth. The programme is concentrated on meetings with masters (debates), workshops, trainings and integration trips. We meet twice a month on Saturdays at 11.00 in Lublin at Złota 9 Street (Monastery of Dominicans).   To receive information about meetings please send your e-mail contact to:

The next meeting of Academy – 19 November 2011 at 11.00. 
On 3-4 December 2011 r. we invite to a retreat trip to Nasutów.


European Meeting Centre Nowy Staw Foundation
Values in the work and in trade union’s activities

Between 9-15 October we organized a training course for young trade unionists from Poland, Spain and Portugal. The topic of the course was ethics in work and trade union activities.

aConflicts of values, axiology of work, liberalism and capitalism towards work, human rights and social rights, specific issues referring to negotiations led by trade unions, ethic and efficiency in negotiations, axiology of the European Union in the context of the worker's rights – these are the topics of the training.

20 young trade unionists from NSZZ „Solidarność”, Union Sindical Obrera from Spain and Fidestra from Portugal took part in the training.
The course lasted 5 days long; it was a time of a very intensive learning and exchange of experiences; during the classes the theory was mixed with practical exercises.

This course was already the fourth of the cycle of training course for young trade unionists.

The project was organized in cooperation with European Centre for Workers` Quiestions (EZA) and was co-financed by the European Union.

Marta Jedrych:

Labour Market Institute
Recruitment for “Time for activity” started

We invite disabled men and women living in Podlaskie Voivodeship who are unemployed. Computer and vocational courses, as well as individual career guidance, psychological support and 5 months-long paid internship are offered to participants.

Project “Time for activity” is co-financed from European Social Found.
Participation in project is free of charge.
For more information please visit our website:

Małgorzata Jurkowicz - Kuczyńska:

European Meeting Centre Nowy Staw Foundation
International Youth conference „Young workers participation – young European generation on the labour market, in trade unions and education”

Nowy Staw Foundation is a member of an international Platform of Young Workers functioning in the frames of EZA (European Centre for Workers` Questions). Between 17-20 November in Zegrze by/Warsaw we organize a conference of this Platform.

The aim of the project is to analyze the situation of young generation on the labour market. What are the chances of young people on the labour market? Do the young people engage in trade unions` activity? What is the motivation of this activity or its lack? Are the young workers willing to educate? Do they have possibilities to educate? How can they be supported? How to create better possibilities for them?

These are the questions to be answered by the participants of the III youth conference of the Platform of Young Workers.

The conference aims at strengthening the European social dialog through encouraging young Workers to engage in trade union activities and other activities that  help young people to get better possibilities on the labour market.  

The project was organized in cooperation with European Centre for Workers` Questions (EZA) and was co-financed by the European Union.

Marta Jedrych:

Project is co-funded by the programme “Youth in Action”

European Information - RCIE Lublin
Eastern Partnership Culture Congress

Eastern Partnership Culture Congress was held from 21 till 23 October 2011 in the former garages in Lublin and the Mercure Hotel.

 a The Congress was attended by artists, representatives of NGO`s and local governments. The Congress was an important part of a cross-border, long-term project "Eastern Partnership as a cultural project" implemented by the City of Lublin in cooperation with the Centre of Culture in Lublin and Culture Foundation, Trans Kultura. The project partners were the City of Lwow, city of Tbilisi, Polish Institute in Kiev, Polish Institute in Minsk and Polish Institute in Bucharest.

Venture partner supporting the Congress was Regional Centre for European Information in Lublin. Media coverage was assured by team.
Participants of the Congress, among others, postulated: developing a culture card for Belarus which would support the Belarusian culture.

The text is to be drafted later this year. Participants also advocated the creation of the Eastern Partnership Cultural Fund modeled on the Visegrad Fund to finance joint cultural events. Money will come from contributions made by Member Countries and the European Union countries interested in cooperation.

Andrzej Skórski:

Project is co-funded by the programme “Youth in Action”
European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Two participants for international training course needed!

Between 3rd – 10th November in European Meeting Centre in Nasutów an international training course for youth leaders, entitled Acting Youth, will be held. It is another meeting organized within multimeasure project.

The training activity is designed for active on local level young leaders without previous experience in Youth in Action programme. The main aim of the training course is to obtain by participants knowledge on Youth in Action programme and to make them understand of their active role on each project phase. During the 7 days of training young leaders will be working on their personal development in terms of gaining leadership and communication skills. They will gain practical knowledge on group dynamic processes and will become familiar with peer education cenception.

Besides this young leaders will be equiped in media tools which they will have opportunity on their future projects. In the end of the training particpants will preapare and present to the others their mini-project which will be implemented by them in their organizations within next three months with the support and mentoring of trainers.

As a result, young leaders become more competent and confident in realizing projects and will raise partcipation of their peers on preparation and realisation phase what will raise the quality of projects realized within the “Youth in Action” programme.

  The Training Course will be held in Nasutów near Lublin in European Meeting Centre and will gather 20 people from 8 partner organisations.

Jacek Lis:

Polish-German Youth Cooperation
The project titled “The Economic Situation in Poland and Germany” finished!

The Polish-German project took place in Nasutów (near Lublin) between 23rd and 29th October. The project concerned the economic situation both in Poland and in Germany. Students from the High School no 1 in Lublin and students from OSZ Bürowirtschaft und Dienstleistungen School in Berlin took part in this project.

aThis project was the common initiative of European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation in Lublin and the organisation DGB Jugendbildungsstaette in Flecken-Zechlin. The main objective of the project was the comparison of the economic situation in Poland and in Germany, as well as arousing interest of young people in economic issues.
The youth from both countries worked in international teams and took part in workshops.

The visit in the company “Instal” was a great experience for the participants. This company is located in Lucyny Herc Street 9. The youth had possibility to talk to the company president and ask how the work looks like in such kind of companies as well as what kind of rights and responsibilities workers have, etc. The participants also found out that the firm offers professional traineeship for students or pupils from vocational classes.  

The youth also visited the Regional Centre of European Social Fund in Lublin, where they received information about trainings, which can be used by the unemployed. The German participants had possibility to visit High School no 1 which is attended by Polish participants.

In their free time the participants also had many attractions, such as Polish national evening, which was organized by the polish group. During this evening the German participants had possibility to see how a Polish weeding party looks like, as well as to taste polish delicacies. Besides, there were also a camp-fire and bowling.

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