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Advanced Planning Visit “Where are we going?”
European Centre for Youth Cooperation

During the weekend of 22-25 March we had the pleasure to welcome participants of the preparatory visit of the project "Where are we going?” that we are realizing in the frames of the Youth in action programme​​. The aim was to familiarize participants with the international exchange of ideas, which we will implement in late April and early May in Lublin and Nasutów. The visit was attended by 10 persons from the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey.

During the advance planning meeting in Nasutów near Lublin youth had the opportunity to meet participants from other countries and to contribute various exchange activities. The participants highly appreciated the position of the center out of the city and away from the board. The whole group had an opportunity to meet each other, talk and discuss plans and activities we organize during the exchange.

Preparatory visit also created the opportunity to participate in workshops sample that will be implemented during the project. The theme was based on the science of speed reading, working in groups and activities that stimulate the imagination. During the period we hosted a group of volunteers working on the implementation of the Engaged Festival in Lublin.

Alicja Sagan

Regional Centre for International Debate
European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation

By decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in place of a functioning structure of Regional Centre for European Information a new network has been established Regional Centres for International Debate. Regional Centre`s for International Debate in Lublin and Gdańsk will be run by European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation.

The main purpose of the new network is to promote communication priorities of Polish foreign policy and to strengthen the dialogue between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local government and non-governmental organizations in the field of international initiatives in the regions. As part of its activities, centers will continue to inform and educate the local community on issues related to European integration and international affairs.

Regional Centre for International Debate in Lublin and Gdańsk will be part of a nationwide network operating in 13 cities: (in Białystok, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kielce, Kraków, Lódz, Olsztyn, Opole, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Lublin and Toruń).

We would like to warmly thank all those who significantly supported the idea of establishing Regional Centre for International Debate in Lublin and Gdańsk.

Bartłomiej Martys

The project is co-financed by the European Social Found.

„Professional courses and internships for the disabled – II”; Computer courses
Labor Market Institute

Computer courses for all project participants were started in April 2013. The internships for the first edition participants are in progress.

In April 2013 all project participants of the second edition started computer classes. There are three levels of computer classes. The score on the computer knowledge test determined the right class for each participant. Classes are conducted by experienced trainers. The internships for the first edition participants are in progress.

The project “Professional courses and internships for the disabled – II” aims at helping 60 disabled people (40 women and 20 men) aged 15-64, unemployed or not in the working field in the Podkarpackie Voivodship. The goal of the project is to increase the employability and chances in the working field of 60 disabled and unemployed people. The project takes place between 1st March 2012 and 28th February 2014.

Beata Mroczka



Working meeting within the project
Europe Direct – Lublin

Europe Direct – Lublin would like to invite for training about the possibilities of gaining European funds for representatives of NGOs from Lublin Region. The training will be organized in Conference and Training Centre of European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation in Nasutów near Lublin on the 17 April 2013.

The training will present the possibilities for NGOs from Lublin Region to finance their activity from the EU sources (f.e. Programme Culture, Europe for Citizens, The Norwegian Financial Mechanism, Youth in Action Programme and more) as well as principles of projects` co-financing from European funds and how to prepare a project.

After the training there will be a possibility to speak with the trainer, a specialist in Structural Funds.

The participation in the training is free of charge. The organizer covers costs of alimentation and the cost of training materials. Organizer also ensures transport from Lublin to the Conference and Training Centre in Nasutów and back to Lublin (costs of travel to Lublin will not be reimbursed). Training is co financed by the resources of European Commission, part of which is Information Point Europe Direct – Lublin, working in the frame of the European Commission Information Network. Order of application is crucial. Amount of places is limited.

Marta Jędrych

Projekt współfinansowany przez Polsko-Niemiecką Współpracę Młodzieży

Poland- trip through the history of Poland:
from the Middle Ages to the present time

European Centre of Youth Cooperation

12 participants from Poland and 14 participants from Germany will meet in June. The German guests want to get to know Polish people and to learn Polish language, to see our country and to learn about history of Polish-German relations.

The participants will take part in eight-day project, it will be financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation. Planned is sightseeing of Lublin, Krakow, coal mine in Wieliczka and sightseeing of concentration camp in Lublin, a lot of workshops, free-time-activities karaoke, movie-evening, games and sports on the schedule. Everything will take place in Poland. Participants will be able to overcome prejudices, break some stereotypes, learn more about Polish history and encounter a peer group from another country. We would like to invite you for this project.

Mariola Sposób


Recruitment process has started
8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

The recruitment process for participation in the 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders in Poland has started. Would you like to join the debate about the future of Europe? Would you like share your vision of Europe with your peers? Would you like to discuss with first class leaders? Apply now for the biggest meeting of young leaders in the European Union.

Participation in the Forum is possible after filling in the online application and succeeding in the application process.

The application deadline is the 17th May 2013.
More information:

The 8th Economic Forum of Young Leaders takes place between 3rd and 6th of September 2013 in Nowy Sącz. Over 350 young leaders from 42 countries meet annually in Poland to come up with new ideas for the future of Europe. Debates made up of young people take place. They are generally representatives of social, political and business organisations who are dedicated to creating progressive and innovative ideas.

This year’s programme will focus on the following thematic areas: economic freedom and growth, Europe as a global hub for business and innovation, Eastern Partnership, entrepreneurship in Europe, the future of European Governance and Public Policy as well as the role of the young leaders in the contemporary world.

During mutual discussions and workshops new ideas will be developed and new inspirations created in addition to new decisions regarding mutual actions. They are meant to generate a change in the future. It is here that responsible leaders of the future will acquire their knowledge.

The Economic Forum of Young Leaders is the biggest international social and economic meeting of leaders of the young generation in the European Union. For 8 years it has stirred enormous interest. The Forum creates good opportunities for making international business contacts and sharing knowledge and experience. Participants have an opportunity to meet and talk to leading politicians, economists, Heads of states and international corporations.

The Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of young people’s views on the future of the European Union and the whole European continent. The mission of the Forum is to create ideas for the future of Europe. Each year, almost 350 young leaders form the East and West of Europe, representing 42 countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus participate in this dialogue. They represent civic, social, political and economic organizations.


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