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NEWS in JULY 2012

RCIE Lublin
Training Course "Europe for Citizens"

Regional Centre of European Integration and Contact Point of Programme "Europe for Citizens" cordially invites you to participate in a free training course titled "History - Past or inspiration. Grants for the socio-cultural animation”.
The meeting will take place on 25 July 2012 (Wednesday) from 10:30 - 15:30 at the European Meeting Centre in Nasutów near Lublin. The training will focus on opportunities to obtain grants from the program "Europe for Citizens" for international cooperation. The program finances projects in the social, cultural and educational programs implemented by NGOs and government institutions. Grants range from 5 000 to 700 000 Euro, depending on the activity of the applicant.
Detailed information and application form are available at the website Applications accepted until 19 July 2012. Seats are limited.

Andrzej Skorski:

RCIE Lublin, Europe Direct Lublin
Inter-generation Cycle Rally "Seniors on Bikes"

On Sunday 8 July cyclists took part in cycle rally and intergenerational picnic in Nasutow.
About 100 cyclists traveled together from Lublin to Nasutów to take part in an intergenerational picnic organized on the occasion of the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.
Reaching the destination point of Nasutów, the cyclists participated in the attractions prepared by the organizers: a bonfire and sausages roasting, games for small and large, measuring of alkogogle - a practical study of a rules of road safety, transit rides, learn archery and contests with prizes.

Marta Jędrych:

Training for representatives of NGOs
in the field of evaluation and strategic planning

European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation organized a training, which has the aim to present and pass to use a unique free tool for evaluation and planning of activities of NGOs.
The training took place in two editions:
1. 22-24 June in Kraków
2. 29 June - 1 July in Gdańsk
In the two-day training course for representatives of NGOs a unique free tool, used for evaluation and planning of activities of NGOs was presented and passed to use.
This tool allows the systematic, comprehensive and independent study and evaluation of the organization in seven areas: organizational structure, mission, strategic planning, program activities, human resource management, financial management, communication and image building.

Marta Jędrych:

International on-line course for trade unions members

We invite you to participate in an international on-line course for trade unionists. The course is organized by the European Centre for Workers` Questions EZA (based in Germany) and the European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation and the Academy Ignatianum.
This course is designed for all persons acting in trade unions. We invite especially those who took part in one of the courses: in Madrid in May 2011 or in Nasutów / Lublin in October 2011.
The on-line course is also open to people who did not participate in any of the above mentioned courses.
In the Polish language only the module of Dr. Jaroslaw Kucharski is available. Other modules are available in other languages. Participants are free to select the module according to the knowledge of foreign languages.

Marta Jędrych:

The project is supported by the Polish-German Science Foundation.


Civic education
“We create ideas for the future of Europe”
– Polish-German student’s seminar

One month before the 7th Economic Forum of Young Leaders starts, we are inviting students from Poland and Germany to participate in the youth seminar in Lublin. In the programme there are: journalistic workshops, debates on economic and political topics and preparation to the Forum.
This seminar is a first project between our Foundation and the European University Viadrina from Frankfurt/Oder. Our common aim is to create young leaders think tank. Common project in Lublin is the first small step toward this. Ten people from Poland and Germany will participate in our workshops. The program includes: the art of argument and persuasion, methods of discussion, workshops, self-presentation and public speaking, media workshops and participation in the simulation of the Oxford's debate.

Michał Wójcik:


Labour Market Institute
Recruitment for the second edition of the "Time for activity" began

In July 2012 we begin the recruitment for the second edition of the "Time for activity" project. We invite disabled and unemployed men and woman living in Podlaskie Voivodeship.
Participants of the project are offered: Computer and vocational courses, individual career guidance, psychological support and 5 months-long paid internship. Participation is free of charge.
Moreover, participants of the first edition of the project completed vocational training and begin internships.
The "Time for activity" project is co-financed by the European Social Found.

Monika Doniek:

RCIE Lublin
Safe and secure złoty and euro -
"Summer with the central bank" for the eighth time

How to safely use the banknotes? How to become an expert to recognize a counterfeit banknote? What are the hidden secrets of Polish and European banknotes?
If you seek answers to these questions we invite you to participate in the "Summer with the central bank", organized for the eighth time by the Polish National Bank Regional Branch in Lublin, and the second time in cooperation with the Regional Centre for European Information in Lublin.
Between 2 and 20 July 2012 two "islands of knowledge” will be created in Lublin - "Safe Zloty" and "Safe Euro".

Andrzej Skorski:

Projekt jest współfinansowany ze środków
Programu „Młodzież w Działaniu” Unii Europejskiej.

Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży

On July 11-21 in the House Nasutów and Lublin an international culinary project will take place. It will bring together young people from Greece, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Georgia.
The organizer of the project is a youth group called We Will Win. Project YOUTH FROM THE KITCHEN began this year and its main purpose is to give attention to the problem of eating of young Europeans.
The idea of a culinary guide for the young people came up as a result of the discussion of people participating in various international projects, who wanted to take part in exchange of cooking experience with other countries. The main aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy, rational nutrition. Cooking should become a passion and proper eating habits - remain to the end.
During 11 days, participants will have the opportunity to participate in classes of relaxation - yoga, aerobics, workshops with the waiter, cook, healthy eating, organizing a happening in Lublin, modern dance classes, baking bread, and many debates and workshops on healthy living. Participants of the project will have a look up to the back of Lublin restaurants and will take on the role of vegetables!

Iwo Jabłoński:

Labor Market Institute
Completed recruitment for the „Professional courses and internships for the disabled – II edition” project

On 15 June 2012 enrollment for the project "Professional courses and internships for the disabled – II edition" was concluded. Three schooling groups were formed.
The interviews led by career counselors helped to choose 32 from over 70 people who applied for our project. The remaining candidates were placed on our reserve list.
Three schooling groups were formed. Two of them are office administration and the third one is computer graphics.
In the end of June first participants received their first session of individual psychological support and counseling.

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