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NEWS in JULY 2011

RCIE Lublin
Polish Presidency if the EU Council. Summer meetings with euro and Europe.

The polish Presidency in the EU Council was an inspiration of this year’s action „Summer with Central Bank” in Lublin in cooperation with Regional Centre for European Information in Lublin and the Lublin Region Office. We organized more than 50 meetings.
There was a special educational programme prepared for this project directed to children from the region. The project was held from 29 June till 22 July and aimed at delivering knowledge about the polish Presidency in an attractive and interesting way. The activities connected with euro currency and increased the knowledge about countries of European Union, euro currency and about the UE in general.

Andrzej Skórski:

European Centre of Youth Co-operation
“Youth4Youth” project started by local workshops in Nasutów

First workshops of the Polish group has just finishedt within „Youth4Youth” project. The whole project is co-funded by the “Youth in Action” programme. Project will be lasting till March 2012 and is composed of two international meetings, workshops for Polish group and activating workshops for young people from Lublin region.
Project was created by informal group of young people named „The Chosen Ones“ with the co-operation of Nowy Staw Foundation staff and Italian partner organization. The main project aims is to promote peer education as a tool to make young people active. Main actions of the project will be achieved by the production youth guide, short movies on realizaing youth projects and creation web site with international forum for active young people.
During first workshops for Polish participants learnt more about peer to peer education and active participation and had created common idea of the youth guide and project promotion. The workshop was to prepare Polish group for the firts international meeting in Italy, which is starting on 9th August already.

Eliza Iwan:

European Centre of Youth Co-operation
International meeting of young folklore lovers continues finished with a performance at Theatre of H. Ch. Andersen

Thanks to the financial support of “Youth In Action” programme from 2nd to 10th of July young fans of folk music were realizing their project in Nasutów. Their main goal was to get to know each other and to exchange their experiences on folk culture.
Participants of the project “Through the folklore to the Youth” conducted dance, music and handicraft workshops for each other.
After a week of intensive work, to share their passion for folk art with Lublin inhabitants, young people gave a performance at Theatre of H. Ch. Andersen which was ending of youth meeting. During the performance they presented national dances and song groups from Turkey, Latvia, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria and also performed a short choreography prepared by all participants of the youth exchange.

Eliza Iwan:

Project supported by the Polish-German Youth Office

Polish-German Youth Cooperation
Polish-German-French ecological workcamp

The Polish-German-French project took place in CREPS de Wattignies and Nasutów between 16th and 29th July. This project concerned the topic ecology. This project was the common initiative of European Meeting Centre –Nowy Staw Foundation in Lublin and the organization Europa Direkt e.V. in Dresden in cooperation with CEFIR Centre d’Education et de Formation Interculturel Rencontre - Dunkerque. Between 16th and 21th July the project took place in CREPS de Wattignies, while the part of project in Nasutów took place between 22nd and 29th July. The main aims of the project were: to sensibilize participants to ecological issues and to implement thematic workshops such as to see a film which concerned the topic of ecology and to work in national groups on the basis of this film, as well as to present results of work. Moreover, the youth had possibility to take part in music, pantomimic and acrobatic workshops as well as to take part in town-rally, which caused, that young people got to know better the cities Lille and Lublin. The participants had possibility to visit the park Mosaïc in Lille, the Youth Center in Armentires and ecological farm in the area of Lublin as well as to take part in order works in the area of the orphanage on the Kilińskiego Street.

Sylwia Jezierska:

RCIE Lublin
Information campaign for the Presidency in Residents' Service Office`s

Representatives of the Regional Centre of European Information in Lublin performed duties in Residents' Service Office`s in July.
In this way, we wanted to reach the residents of our city in a more effective way. We provided materials and answered questions concerning the Polish Presidency of the Council of EU. A total of seven duties was held in all four Residents' Service Office`s.

Bartłomiej Martys:

RCIE / Europe Direct w Lublinie
On 1st of July Poland took over the Presidency in the Council of European Union!

On this occasion Regional Centre of European Information together with Europe Direct – Lublin Information Point organized information desk about the Presidency in front of the City Hall, a flash mob in the centre of Lublin and took part in organization of the family picnic called „Festival of Europe”.
We welcomed the polish Presidency with a very extensive program, we celebrated in a serious and in a funny way.
On occasion of the beginning of the polish Presidency we organized an information desk where everybody could get the information about what is Presidency, what are the polish priorities, benefits for Poland from presiding the European Union or how is the Council of European Union functioning. People visiting the information desk could also get some informational materials.

Marta Jedrych:

Labour Market Institute
Internships in progress
Internships are underway for the project „Working Graduate”. Many participants as well as their employers are happy with their collaboration.
Control meetings are being carried out, during which employers are expressing their thanks for such good interns. All the internships are going on properly and accordingly to their contracts.

Olena Shnayder/Beata Mroczka:

Labour Market Institute
The conference summarizing project "Changing the role - vocational training for people leaving agriculture"
June 21, 2011, in a historic palace in the office of PAN at the Lithuanian Square 2, a conference summarizing project aimed at retraining people leaving agriculture took place.
Conference summarizing the project was already the last of the actions foreseen in the project "Changing the role - vocational training for people leaving agriculture." It took place on June 21, 2011, in a historic palace in Lublin. In a relaxed atmosphere a friendly group of people met together to share our experiences with implementing a program of support to acquire new skills. Among the invited guests were participants, entrepreneurs, employers, representatives of NGOs and associations active in rural areas.
The conference began the representative of European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation Ms. Katarzyna Kańczugowska presenting the Foundation's activities, discussing its various departments and projects currently implemented. Then, the project coordinator Maria Grzybała, outlined the idea of ​​establishing the project, its assumptions and results.

Aneta Mojduszka:

European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Polish minor community meeting „Voluntary work across the boarders”

European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation organizes for the third time Polish minor community meeting for youth. This year the meeting is entitled: “Voluntary work across the boarders” – it’s subject will be related to European Year of Voluntary Work. It takes place between 2nd – 12th September 2011 in Nasutów, Lublin, Nowy Sącz and Kraków. “Voluntary work across the boarders” will be 11 days meeting of young people, representing Polish institutions, NGO’s and schools from Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The meeting will be a kind of workshops of sharing good practices and experiences in frame of voluntary work and leadership skills as well as it is going to be great opportunity to contact with history and chance to make new contacts and friendships with peers from Poland and Europe. The meeting will be divided into two parts: first part will be held in Nasutów and Lublin – here will be: meeting with the Major of Lublin, meeting with Polish students from secondary schools, joint workshops with representatives of voluntary organizations from Lublin, sightseeing in Lublin etc. Second part will take place in Nowy Sącz and Kraków – here the young people will participate in sixth Economic Forum of Young Leaders (more info about the Forum: After the Forum young Poles will visit Kraków and Sandomierz.

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