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5th Economic Forum of Young Leaders
September, 07-11, 2010 Nowy Sącz, Poland

Over 250 young leaders from 32 countries of the European Union, Eastern Europe and Caucasus as well as several dozen of VIP from politics and business leading by the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso will meet in Nowy Sacz to discuss the future of Europe during Economic Forum of Young Leaders. The 5th Economic Forum of Young Leaders will take place between 7th and 11th of September 2010 in Nowy Sacz. The theme of this year’s Forum will be “Europe – continent of innovation or regress?” The idea of the Forum is to create a meeting place for young people from the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Caucasus. Participants will take part in discussions, workshops and business evenings. Young leaders will also participate in a session of The 20th Economic Forum in Krynica.

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Katarzyna Dudziak:

Institute for Labour Market
Educational Fair
Zamość - Saturday 21 August 2010, 13.00-18.00, Big Market Square
Puławy - Sunday 29 August, 2010, 13.00-18.00, Puławskie Błonia

We invite you to participate in education fairs promoting lifelong learning within the school, which will be held in Zamość and Puławy. These are the last of the cycle trade fairs, which were implemented within the project "Information – Education – a better future," co-financed by the ESF.
Honorary patronage over the event took Krzysztof Babisz Lublin School Superintendent and Marcin Zamoyski, the president of Zamość. Fairs are aimed at adults aged 18-64 years (including nonstudents aged 18-24 years). During the event schools for adults, employers in the region, the institutions of information and advisory services related to vocational learning will be presented. Fair participants will have the possibility to read the journals of adult education schools, talk with employers and benefit from counseling psychologist, vocational counselor in planning their further education and careers. During the fair we invite all attendees for refreshments.

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Aneta Mojduszka:

Projekt jest współfinansowany
ze środków
Programu „Młodzież w Działaniu” Unii Europejskiej.
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
„Talking about history – a key to understanding”,
22nd - 29th August, Nasutów near Lublin

The international exchange of youth is starting on 22nd August 2010 in Nasutów. Young people from Belarus, Germany, Poland and Ukraine are going to talk about the history of their countries and its impact on the contemporary relationships in Europe.
„Talking about history – a key to understanding” is the title of the international youth exchange which is taking place in Nasutów (near Lublin) from 22nd to 29th August 2010. The partakers of the exchange are young people from Belarus, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. The subject of the project are expulsions which took place during the Second World War. Young people during the project want to focus on the events happened 60 years ago, but still alive in the minds of its participants.
The main idea of the exchange is to understand the meaning of the history in the relationships between our countries. Is it a restraint or an essential foundation to build the common future? During the project project's participants will have meetings with many historians and take part in workshops but the main item will be meeting with Children of the Zamość Region – people who managed to survive the expulsions. The final effect of the exchange will be the movie summing up these eight days which will be available for all interested after the exchange too. We hope that it will weaken stereotypes that often influence relations between our countries and nations.

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Eliza Iwan:

Institute for Labour Market
"Success depends on you!" – activisation of people aged 45+ living in the Bieszczady, Brzozow, or Lesko counties.”
Opening conference of the project “Success depends on you” – activisation of people aged 45+ living in the Bieszczady, Brzozów or Lesko counties” will take place on the 27 of August 2010 at 11:00-14:00 at the club hall in the “Zamek” Pensjonat in Lesko, Piłsudskiego`s Street 7.
The conference will promote the project, which aims to increase the chances of disabled people, who are 45 years or older, to become competitive in the job market, enabling them getting a new professional qualifications by internships in offices.
Speakers of this conference will be: MEP Elżbieta Łukacijewska, Stanisław Szelążek – Semi Administrator of the Lesko, Krzysztof Bąk – Director of The Employment Office in Lesko, Joanna Szurlej – President Affiliating of Bieszczady`s Women “Our chance”.
Amongst invited guests will be also districts administrators, mayors, directors of the Employment Offices, commune administrators, managers of the Social Welfare Centers, professional advisers from the area of this project and participants.
Persons, for who this project is directed, are in very difficult situation on the labor market. Project is directed to person aged 45+ to refute myths and stereotypes concerning their age, competence, the possibility and motivation.

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Marta Haręzga:

Project supported by the Polish-German Youth Office

Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Polish-german-ukrainian media exchange
Between 26.08. and 02.09.2010 in European Meeting Centre in Nasutów near Lublin will take place a Polish-German-Ukrainian media exchange. This media exchange is organized by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation together with Bennohaus from Münster and the Association of dialogue from Lviv.
The exchange offers workshops on the usage of the camera, filming and assembly. The end result will be to create an cultural magazine. Participants will decide on its form, the sort of the culture information, will pay attention to current social problems.
As a leading theme of our meeting we took into account such issues as: Theater therapy- theater people with disabilities, cultural events in various countries participating in the project, poverty as a social phenomenon and its various types ( material, intellectual poverty).

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Agata Kołtunik:

Regionalne Centrum Informacji Europejskiej w Lublinie
Presidency without secrets
Zamość is another city where the project "The Presidency without secrets" will be implemented. On 08/21/2010, at the information booth, organized by the European Regional Information Centre in Lublin, the fair's educational, Zamość residents will be able to obtain information on the role, responsibilities and benefits that reference Poland during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In turn, our stand on 29.08.2010 can be visited by the citizens of Puławy. Until now we were in Biała Podlaska, Lublin and Chełm.
Twice a year the country holding the Presidency of the European Union is changed, these countries are chairing the work of the Council of the European Union. On 1 July 2011, Poland will become a substantial part of the EU hosted the event and will play an important role in all fields of activity of the European Union.

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Andrzej Skórski:

Labour Market Institute
Developmental tendencies of companies and demand for work in Lubelskie Voivodeship in the context of organization of Euro 2012 by Poland and Ukraine – diagnosis and prognosis
We cordially invite you to get familiar with the latest publication of European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation, presenting results of research accomplished in the project “Developmental tendencies of companies…”
European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation invites to get familiar with publication entitled “Entrepreneurs in the face of challenges and threats. Selected determinants of situation of companies in Lubelskie region and their consequences for the Region and labour market”.
This publication is the result of the first part of research of entrepreneurs from Lubelskie region, which was accomplished in the project “Developmental tendencies of companies and demand for work in Lubelskie Voivodeship in the context of organization of Euro 2012 by Poland and Ukraine – diagnosis and prognosis”. The purpose of research is to gather all relevant information to describe important factors influencing state of companies in Lubelskie Voivodeship, in the area of – inter alia – crisis, employment policy, the use of European funds, companies organizational culture.

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Maria Grzybała:

Project supported by the German-Polish Youth Office
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Polish-German-Ukrainian workcamp
"War cemeteries and the history of World War I"

Between 30.07.-14.08.2010 a polish-german-ukrainian workcamp about the soldiers cemeteries from the First World War took place for the fourth time.
For 15 days young people worked in soldiers cemeteries in Boniewo, Opole Lubelskie, Chodel and in Fajsławice. Moreover participants from Poland, Germany and Ukraine had chance to visit Kazimierz Dolny and Zamość. During their visit in Lublin the youth visited the concentration camp Majdanek.
The main organizers of the workcamp are:
European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation, European Cooperation Society, the Hamburg branch of the German People's Association for Military Graves Care and Austrian Black Cross.

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Agata Kołtunik:

Cartoons connecting people youth exchange is financed by European Commision’s “Youth in action” programme
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Cartoons connecting people in Nasutów near Lublin…

An international youth exchange entitled: “Cartoons connecting people” is taking place between 17th-26th 2010 in Nasutów, near Lublin. During 9 days of project youth from 6 countries will be working on common theatrical performance, which will be presented at the end of the exchange in Mother Theresa from Calcuta House for Elderly in Lublin.
Youth from 6 countries such as: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Poland is participating in this event. The main subjects of the exchange are cartoons and theatre. In the schedule: theatrical workshops lead by Hanka Brulińska – actress from Osterwa Theatre, visit and tour in Osterwa Theatre, watching Festival Sztukmistrzów, music and photography workshops. During the exchange participants will present their favorite national cartoons and then choose the most interesting characters to play in a common theatrical performance. Youth will also create for them costumes and scenography. On the final day they will present their performance in Mother Theresa from Calcuta House for Elderly in Lublin. The play will be about ecological threats in 21st century.

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Eliza Iwan:

Project supported by the German-Polish Youth Office
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Poles and Germans on the way to the common future in peace and freedom – the second part of the youth exchange

Between 9-15 of September the second part of the polish-german youth exchange will take place. The participants are persons who gained the competition commemorizing the begin of the II world war. The participation in the exchange is the prize in the competition.
The first part of the project took place in Münster, this time the youth will meet in Lublin. During the exchange all winners of the competition will be rewarded with certificates and winners from the 2 and 3 place will get some small prices.
In the exchange programm there is a sightseeing in Lublin and Zamość, as well as workshops and discussions about the common polish-german past but mostly about the common future.
The orginisers of the competition and exchange are: Civil Assosiacion Lublin-Münster, European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation and Förderverein Lublin- Münster.

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Marta Jędrych:

Project co-funded by the Polish-German Youth Office and by German-French Youth Office
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Europe is our common future
MYoung people from the Lublin region, Saxony and the Region Nord-Pas de Calais, took part in a two-part exchange of young people in Nasutów and Dresden. The topic was antidiscrimination.
The first part of the meeting was held at the European Meeting Centre in Nasutów. Young Germans, Frenchmen and Poles attended a workshop on the broader issues antidiscrimination, art workshops and music.
During the art workshop participants were able to present their associations related to the subject antidiscrimination using paints, crayons and other art materials. The end result of the music workshop was creating of a musical instrument Kazoo and recording a short piece of music. Interest and commitment of the participants enjoyed circus pedagogy and language animation.
The program included also visit to Lublin and city-rally.
Self-organized by the youth evening Polish and French favored not only the integration of the group but also was a great opportunity to taste traditional food and drinks from the French and Polish.
Throughout the residence accompanied by a team of media exchanges, created the film will be soon available on the website.
The organizers of the meeting are: the European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation, Europe Direkt e.V. and the CEFIR Association.

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Agata Kołtunik:

Project supported by the German-Polish Youth Office
Europejskie Centrum Współpracy Młodzieży
Breaking stereotypes by street dance
Between 24.07.-30.07.2010 in the European Meeting Centre in Nasutów took place a Polish-German youth exchange. The theme of the meeting was "Breaking stereotypes through the street dance." The project involved a group of dancers from „Etezja” from the District House of Culture Bronowice in Lublin and the participants of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) in Berlin.
During the daily dance workshops, participants had the opportunity to learn new techniques of modern dance such as hip-hop, popping, locking, electro boogie, tecktonik, cramping and freestyle. Coaches from Germany and Poland helped them. Young people also had the opportunity to try their skills at a workshop about the teaching of the circus, where they learned to juggle balls, bowling and agility exercises. The young participants have prepared the Polish and German evening.
Culminates in the exchange was mutually agreed between the presentation of dance in the Muszla Koncertowa in Saski Park.
Among the young people friendships were formed that will be surely deepened during the second part of the project in Berlin.

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Agata Kołtunik:

Labour Market Institute
„OTWARTA – NIEZALEŻNA – AKTYWNA” (OPEN-INDEPENDENT-ACTIVE) – a new project by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation and Labour Market Institute
A new project titled: “OPEN-INDEPENDENT-ACTIVE” by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation and Labour Market Institute has just started since 1st August 2010. It is being implemented within the area of the town Ostrołęka and Ostrołęka county. The goal of the project is to raise unemployed women’s activity on the labour market within the area of the project. The project office is based in Ostrołęka. The project is implemented within the frames of the European Social Fund.
The project is oriented towards unemployed women between 18 and 60 years of age (registered or not registered in the Employment Office) living in Ostroleka or Ostroleka county that are willing to undertake employment. The project is addressed in particular to permanently jobless women from remote areas, women over 45, single mothers, women being in difficult economic conditions. Within the project participants will get special advisory referring to the identification of their personal and professional capacity and carrier planning (individual advisory) and job searching capabilities (professional group advisory), raise personal qualifications (labour market workshops) and they will get the opportunity to benefit from new abilities participating in 3 month professional stage. Participants get travel cost reimbursement, half board during workshops, stage money and return of the cost of childcare (children under 7 years old) and dependent persons’ care. Participation in the project is free of charge.

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Monika Bryk:

Labour Market Institute
„Young’s career in Your hands”
With the beginning of August the Labour Market Institute has started another project in the Swietokrzyskie province: „Young’s career in Your hands”. This project will support the Staff of junior high schools, secondary schools and trade schools. Project will end 31.05.2011.
Developing teachers competence is one of the greatest importance in pupils progress. With the knowledge acquisition and new skills, teachers can become more responsive to the changes dictated by the labour market and common computerization of society. As it`s well known in the case of rural youth, teachers also have an extremely important role of professional advisers. Through the appropriate tools, teachers can support students in choosing the way of living and prepare them to function in society. These initiatives will contribute to equal opportunities for young people in the labour market and they are undoubtedly a source of satisfaction of school staff.
The project is a response for growing demand for competence development of teachers. Teachers in rural areas have limited opportunities to improve knowledge and skills. Therefore project “Young’s career in your hands” offers schools employees 80 hours of free training.

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