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Labour Market Institute
„Working 45+”
Working 45+” - the new Foundation Project: addressed to unemployed people living in Mazowieckie region.
We are happy to announce ongoing recruitment for the project "Working 45 +". The project is aimed to non-working men and women from the district of Radom. In particular we are looking forward to people who look after children, long-term unemployed and those living in areas remote from the city. The project participants will receive assistance in determining their professional aptitude and career plan (career guidance), will gain the skills to move in labor market (through activation workshops), increase their skills (computer training) and will have the opportunity to gain practical skills thanks to job training. Participants will receive reimbursement of travel expenses, meals in the classroom, and childcare costs (up to 7 year old children) or a subsidiary.

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Jarosław Szczepaniak:

Congress is organized by the Regional Centre of European Information in Lublin and
Europe Direct -Lublin.
RCIE Lublin - Europe Direct Lublin
X Congress of European School Clubs about the “European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion "
We invite you to participate in the X Congress of European School Clubs about the “European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion ", which will be held in the Blue Hall of Regional Office in Lublin at 27th of May. During the congress will announce the winners of the competition for "most interesting social initiative, carried out in schools of the Lublin province.
Decision of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union year 2010 was established in as the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. Its purpose is to initiate steps to make a real impact on the eradication of poverty. Idea of the Year is a complement to the activities undertaken in the EU. Therefore, this topic became the subject of this year's congress. During the congress will announce the results of the contest for the most interesting social initiative.

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Andrzej Skórski:

PProject supported by the Polish-German Youth Office

Civil visit from the partner city Münster
At the beginning of June Lublin will host a delegation from the partner city Münster. The partnership of cities consists mostly on human contacts, thats why we invited the citizens of Münster to visit Lublin.
The organisers of the visit are the Civil Association Lublin-Münster, the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation and Förderverein Münster-Lublin in Germany.
The aim of the meeting is to get to know the inhabitants of the partner city with our city and region and moreover with the local community and the institutions of Lublin. We hope that this meeting will contribute to strenghten the connections and making new contacts between both partners cities, and to deepen the colaboration between the cities.
The 28 guests will meet with the President of Lublin, Priest Dariusz Chwastek Rector of the Evangelic Parish in Lublin, Archbishop Abel and the Consul of Honour of Germany in Lublin.
In the program there is obviously sightseeing, the guests from Germany will visit Lublin, Zamość and Poleski National Park. They will also visit the Museum in Majdanek.

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Marta Jędrych:

Community Media Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation
Europe comm - community media conference in Brussels
On 24 of June in Brussels a conference entitled Europe comm – civil media for Europe will take place to end a 2-year long project, within which we created a pogram of vocational training MediaTrener.
This year we are finishing a two-years international project, which gave us a chance to create a European programme for vocational training and media education called MediaTrainer. This project is designed especially for the community media sector, which is facing different problems regarding finances and participation of the people. Our project MediaTrainer with its's innovative tools (e-learning, training courses, web-TV platform) gives us a chance to support and strengthen community media centres and civil society organizations in their work. It allows to qualify staff from those instutitions and attract people to participate in their work. Europe comm conference in Brussels will let us reflect the currect problems of the COMMunity media sector and COMMunicate them to the public. It means reflection, cooperation and integration towards common European framework of civil society institutions and community media centres in Europe. More about the conference on

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Michał Wójcik:

Labour Market Institute
LIFELONG LEARNING TO WORK SAFE - promotion of lifelong learning
Within this project a promotional campaign of information and lifelong learning in school is currently running. Through this initiative we want to encourage adults aged 18-64 years to complete their education, profession, and acquire new professional skills and to realize the benefits of continuing education for personal and professional development.
The information and promotional campaign consists of a series of actions. The most important is the issue of advertising spots in the regional television, exposure of billboards in major cities of Lublin. Moreover we inform about the benefits and learning opportunities for adults through a database of formal learning institutions and through our website: . We run a promotional campaign for local and regional newspapers and radio. Soon, we invite you to the education fair in Biała Podlaska, Chełm, Lublin, Puławy and Zamość.

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Aneta Mojduszka :

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norwaythrough the EEA Financial Mechanismand the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Labour Market Institue
Transfer of know how on professional counselling for young people” third and fourth workshops begin.
Have already been held the third and fourth workshops on 04.05-08.05.2010r. in Nasutów of the project “Transfer of know-how on professional counseling for young people”
Workshop for participants from the Polish, Ukrainian and Belarus were conducted by trainers from Norway. Scope what was discussed in class include: Introduction to career counseling in Norway, Consulting for school children and visits to schools and consulting firms, consulting groups as a method of counseling for youth, call a career - methodology, thematic information pages www and testing, information courses for parents, Coaching - individual consulting and presentation tools, personal training, mastering the course - "Yes, I can!" Norwegian managers presented tools and methods used in their work with youth, thus it was possible to establish a discussion on the differences and similarities Norwegian coaches presented the tools and methods used in their work with young people, was made possible thanks to the establishment of discussion among the project participants and comparison advisory systems in each country.

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Magdalena Szymczuk :

Project is co-funded by the programme “Youth in Action”
European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Training course on "Youth in Action" programme, 19 - 20 April 2010
From 19th till 20th February 2010 in Nasutow, near Lublin the training on “Youth in Action” took place.
In the training participated representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of informal groups of young people, representatives of local self-government, the institution's staff working with young people and young people from the Lublin region.
During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to learn general principles of the Programme and the specificity of each of its Actions. The meeting was intended for people who wish to avail themselves of the possibility of financing projects in the framework of the "Youth in Action" programme.

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Eliza Iwan :

Project is co-funded by the programme “Youth in Action”
European Centre of Youth Co-operation
„Youth Drum Experience International Youth Exchange in Nasutów.
Between 17-25 April 2010 in Nasutów near Lublin youth exchange entitled "Youth Drum Experience" organized by volunteers from European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation took place. The project main theme was playing drums and rhythm. Participants of the project were 21 young people from Polish, Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary and Latvia.
The main topic of the project was rhythm – a factor that exists in all cultures and a tool for uniting young people all over Europe. During the project open workshops on Litewski Square took place.

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Eliza Iwan :

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