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The Economic Forum of Young Leaders has finished successfully!!!
Today there was the last day of the Forum in Nowy Sącz. Almost 250 people from 36 countries took part in 12 meeting, workshops, intercultural evening and both the opening and final banquet. Many reflections, new ideas, new projects, numerous contacts and most of all friendships that will last.

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The project is co-financed by „Youth in Action” Programme.
Study Visit “Let's Explore EVS Potential” ended
Study visit „Let's explore EVS potential” took place in Nasutów near Lublin between 6th and 11th of September involving participants from Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland.
The goals of the visit were to encourage organizations to start EVS projects, to exchange EVS experience among partners, to provoke future partnership and promote EVS idea in Lublin region. Key elements of the programme were visits in local non-profit organizations, meeting with authorities of Lublin and Zamość and visit to Zamosc Voluntary Centre. Also press conference took place in Zamosc City Hall. First connections between foreign and polish NGO's from Lublin region were also set up.

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Mateusz Małyska:

The project is co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation
Call for participants – German-Polish movie production
„Meet young Germans, discover Lublin, have a party, create a movie about the city, train your English and Polish and win a prize.” The latest offer of the Nowy Staw Foudation and its German partner German-Polish Young Academy really should appeal to everyone open-minded to try something new.
The „Movie connecting people“ exchange project will take place in Nasutów, near to Lublin, Poland. Instructed by media trainers, the participants will get to know the city and create a short movie about its residents. Although so well known to the Polish, the German perspective on the city and the common group experience will possibly initiate a creative working atmosphere. The outcome has the chance to win a prize up to 5000 zloty (1250 Euro)!

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Malte Koppe :

The project is co-financed by „Youth in Action” Programme.
„Present yourself, present your region” – photo exchangen
During 9 days, from 27th September till 5th October 31 young people from 5 European countries such: France, Romania, Portugal, Greece and Poland will take part in an international youth exchange about photography.
The aim of the project is to learn various photography and photo editing techniques in order to present ourselves and our regions of origin. Also, there will be held workshops of psychology of persuasion, advertising techniques and activities aimed at developing creativity of the participants by means of photography. The participants’ joint effort and effective use of acquired skills will contribute to visible outcome of our work, that is a web site with all the photos taken by the participants.

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Eliza Iwan :

The project is co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation
Active citizenship, citizens activity
Between 30th of August and 5th of September, young people from Germany, Poland and Ukraine will produce their citizenship acticity. During the international Exchange, young participants will learn the idea of the active citizenship and as a final effect, using their interest, they will create their own project.
Visiting one of well run NGOs – European Meeting House – Nowy Staw Foundation in Lublin, is a part of youths meeting. Thank to this, young people will have a chance to learn the aim of organisation, which promote youth activity and participation in all kinds of international initiatives..

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Agata Kołtunik :

The project is co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation
History in lens – tracing Nazism
Between 23rd and 30th of October in European Meeting Centre in Nasutów will take place the polish-German Project called: “History in lens – tracing Nazism”
The subject matter refers to the difficult period in Polish-German relationship, the period of Second World War. Within the framework of the project expected are historical workshops, discussions and the film projection. The end result of youth’s work will be the photo exhibition, commemorative lots of Nazism’s victims in Lubelszczyzna. The Project includes visiting Majdanek concentration camp and Brama Grodzka Teatr NN Center.

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Agata Kołtunik :

European lessons in schools
Regional Centre for European Information in Lublin
Regional Centre for European Information in Lublin, acting at the European Meeting Centre - Nowy Staw Foundation, invites you to the next edition of the European classes. The project aims to broaden students' knowledge about the European Union, as well as to activate young people and teachers to debate on the European Union.
The idea is to send consultants of the Regional Centre for European Information to the primary and secondary schools of Lublin. During such trips of consultants, there are about two or three meetings with groups of students. There will be conducted lectures and discussions on European issues, such as the European Union institutions, advantages and disadvantages of EURO currency adoption in Poland. Employees of the RCIE Lublin, will make a presentation of EU programs for youth, opportunities to learn and take up employment in European Union countries. We cordially invite you to cooperate.

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Andrzej Skórski :

Nothing about youth without youth:
The key role of youth in modern Europe
Already the second youth conference of European Centre for Workers` Questions (EZA) will take place in Portugal. The participants of the conference will be young workers from organizations associated in EZA. The conference will concern the most important issues related to the situation of young people on the labour market. One of the main points on the agenda will be the official creation of the Youth Platform which will function within EZA structure.
This year the conference will concern 3 main issues: life long learning, mobility and migration on the labour market and active participation of youth in the social-political life. The discussions will take place mostly in form of working groups devoted to these topics. During the conference the Platform for Young Workers of EZA will be officially created. Invited to participate in the Platform are all members and associated members of EZA. European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation is a member of the core group managing the Platform from the very beginning of the works on the Platform establishing and is also one of the organizers of the youth conference.

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Marta Jędrych :

The project is co-financed by the Polish-German Youth Co-operation
Integration as the base of the democracy
It is the Polish-German exchange within the framework of which the youth from The Niemce and Krasienin will meet their peers from Berlin between the 17 and 25th of October.
The subject of the meeting will be German initiatives in favor of the integration of the youth coming from the various backgrounds, quite often Emigrants towards their society. Project’s participants will take part in workshops relating to overcoming of stereotypes, communication inside the group. Classes concerning the pedagogy of experiences will be the perfect trial of ability to work in international environment. Moreover young participants will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the functioning of Bundestag – 1st chamber of German parliament, in which the democratic ideas are perfectly reflected.

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Agata Kołtunik :

Poles and Germans on the way to the common future in peace and freedom – competition for polish and german youth from the twin cities Lublin and Münster on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the begin of the second world war
Despite the difficult past Poles and Germans are living as friends in one common Europe. It is the common contemporary duty of young generations in both countries not to forget the past and to develop the vision of future and peace in common Europe. For that reason we would like to invite young people from both countries to develop the topic “Poles and Germans on the way to the common future in peace and freedom” and to document it with a movie, music, theatre, internet, written word or in another form. The competition is going on simultaneously in both partner cities.
In the competition can take part young citizens of Lublin between 14-18 years old. The works can be provided by persons, groups or school classes. The works can be made in any form, it can be movie, music, theatre, internet, written word, newspaper, Power Point presentation or another form.

The competition is running under the patronage of:
Mr. Andrzej Halicki,
Chairman of the Commission for International Affairs of Sejm
Mr. Ruprecht Polenz,
Chairman of the Commission for International Affairs of Bundestag

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Marta Jędrych :

Developmental tendencies of companies and demand for work in Lubelskie Voivodeship in the context of organization of Euro 2012 by Poland and Ukraine – diagnosis and prognosis
Labour Market Institute
The next stage of the Project continues – the quantitative and qualitative research of companies from Lubelskie Voivodeship. We invited 1350 randomly chosen businessmen to participate in the project. Researches will allow to picture tendencies of the labour market of Lublin. .
Randomly chosen businessmen from Lubelskie Voivodeship were invited to take part in researches, which are the next step of the project. Researches will have 2 stages. The first one will finish in November 2009, whereas the second stage - in the second half of 2010. They are unique because of their scale and the possibility to compare results. So far in our voivodeship researches with so numerous group of respondents, engaging so many aspects of the functioning of the company, in particular in the prospect of forthcoming Euro 2012 have not been carried out. The entirety is completed by the qualitative research: deepened interviews and focuses. The results of both stages will allow to get the reliable and comprehensive picture of the situation of companies in our area, moreover they can be helpful in preparing support schemes for companies, as well as in the updating the regional strategy of development. The venture got the recommendation from the Marshal of the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

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