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Programme of
European Commission
“Youth in Action ".
Vote for Europe
We invite you to participate in training within the project "Vote for Europe," which will be held from 15th till 16 April 2009 in Nasutow near Lublin. Training is dedicated to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. Participants will learn about the objectives and working principles of the institution of European Parliament, as well as methods to encourage young people to take interest in European issues and the upcoming elections to the European Parliament.
This training will be conducted by qualified trainers, experts in international affairs. It is targeted at schools teachers, representatives of NGOs and local leaders from the East Region of Poland. The project is part of the nationwide project called "Vo0te for Europe”. It is funded by the programme of European Commission “Youth in Action ".

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Andrzej Skórski :

Working graduate
new programme of Labour Market Institut
In april we are going to begin the project “Working graduate”. We invite to participation in the project young people from the lubelskie voiwodeship, 25 years old, not employed, at least with secondary education. In our project we offer various workshops, individual consultancy with career counselors, professional training in chosen area (administrative –office, financial – accountant, marketing , computer graphics and websites creation, management of the Europeans projects,) and professional traineeship by employer. Participation is free of charge. We offer reimbursement of participants travel costs and scholarship during professional traineeship.
More information soon on the website:

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Monika Doniek :

The youth exchange is organized by the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation with financial support of the Polish-German Youth Cooperation.
Looking for a dialogue.
Youth from Münster (Germany), Luck (Ukraine) and lubelskie region will meet together in Nasutów and Lublin during a youth exchange, which will take place between March 29th and April 5th.
The project “Common past, common future: looking for a dialogue” aims to facilitate getting to know culture and history of our neighbours and will be a platform for looking for a dialogue in discussion on historic and political topics by means of numerous integration workshops, language animation, debates and simulation workshops. Each of national groups will also present their traditions and local customs and show a movie produced in their country, which will facilitate a discussion.
An important part of the activities will be a documentation of tracks of Ukrainian and German culture in Lublin which are part of the multicultural past of the city. The results of this work will be publicly presented in “a moving exhibition”, which will appear on the streets of Lublin on April 2nd as well as during follow-up exhibitions in Luck, Münster and Lublin after completion of the project.
The young people will also visit the former concentration camp of Majdanek and will take part in human rights workshops prepared by a fellow of Humanity in Action, who took part in Summer Core Program in Warsaw and Berlin.

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Marta Jędrych:

The exchange is supported by the Polish-German Youth Office.
Learn more about Second World War through testimonies
Between the 18th and the 26th of April the Polish-German youth exchange “Learn more about Second World War through testimonies” takes place in Nasutów. Ten youngsters between 12 and 15 from Niemce and Krasienin meet a group of teenagers from German partner organization Kreissportbund Dahme-Spreewald e.V.
The pupils will learn about the Second World War and current conflicts via testimonies, in workshops on human rights and in a simulation of a court for war criminals. The group will also visit the museum of the former concentration camp in Majdanek. There will also be some sport activities in the program and apart from the examination of the Second World War and other current conflicts the teenager will have time to discover Zamość Kozłówka and Lublin.

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Marta Jędrych:

Inauguration of new programme Academy “Złota 9”
On Friday 20th March started 2-days long meeting inaugurating new programme – Local Leader, realised by Academy “Złota 9”. There were a lot of young willing people – 65 persons from whole Lubelskie voivodship. The meeting took place in a training and conference centre „Dom Nasutów” in Nasutów near Lublin. A special guest, Adam Pęzioł visited us there. Mr. Pęzioł is a former vice Minister of Finance and current chairman of Delegature of Supreme Chamber of Control in Lublin, who told us about his career and his service for Poland and our region. He also answered few questions asked by participants – mainly about current economic situation of our country.
Tomasz Różniak, a chairman of Nowy Staw Foundation and Father Ludwik Wiśniewski OP told several things about Academy „Złota 9” and programme „Local Leader”.
There was also time for integration, discussions and workshops. The participants were talking about dilemmas, which usually have young people and discussing substantive issues of „Local Leader” programme.
We invite everyone for a next meeting of „Local Leader” programme, which will take place on 4th April 2009 at 11:00 in the Dominican Basilica in Lublin – Złota 9 street.

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"Złota 9" Academy

Katarzyna Kańczugowska:

Programme of
European Commission
“Youth in Action ".

Happy – Sad
On the 27th of March the international youth exchange begins, which will last 9 days. We invited participants from four countries- Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia to Nasutów near Lublin. During the project we are going to show sad and happy moments in the history of each country. We also want to get to know what makes people laugh and what they are afraid of.
Our main aim is to create cabaret. We invite you all to our final show which will take place on the 3rd of April in the Cultural Centre LSM on Wallenroda 4a street.

Eliza Iwan :

Project „Working mum”, financed by the European Union/ European Social Fund
We invite employers to cooperation
Labour Market Institute
We invite employers to cooperation in organizing places of professional traineeship for participants of the project “Working mum”.
The aim of the project is support the women who want to reenter the labour market after the break due to child/children care.
In our project the participants took part in the activating workshops, computer training and individual professional consultancy. Each women participated in the one professional training in chosen area:
- “Basic of accountancy with financial –accountant programs”
- “Office organization and management”
- “Europeen project management”
- “Commercial institution employee – seller”
The last stage of the project is 3-monthly professional traineeship by employer. We assure reimbursement of medical examination, traineeship scholarship and necessary insurance costs for participants.
Employers duties are as follow: organizing traineeship work place, defining set of duties of the trainee and preparing opinion at the end of the traineeship.
Detailed information:
Contact: Maria Grzybała, Ivanna Shubina
081 536-10-97,

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