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Happy New Year 2011
European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation invites
for New Year’s Eve party in an international company !!

European Meeteing Centre is delighted to invite all people interested in taking part in New Year’s Eve Project, entitled: „United in diversity – multicultural Lublin”, which will take place between 27th December – 3rd January in Lublin and Nasutów. It is going to be another edition of New Year’s Eve Project, organized by Nowy Staw Foundation with -Polnische Jugendakademie e.V.n and Dziedzich association from Brest city. The main idea of the project is multicultural Lublin. Youth from 3 European countries: Belarus, Germany and Polan dis going to participate in this project. The project will be divided into three sections. In the first section participants will take part in workshops connected with the main subject of the project, visit evangelic and orthodox churches and will be working on creating “the daily of foreigner”. In the end they will participate in cit game and sightseeing in Majdanek. The second section, a bit less official, will be connected with New Year’s Eve party. Participants will be working on the design of the party place, preparing costumes – the party will be held in retro climate. Participants will also have the opportunity to improve their dancing skills during special dance workshops. The culmination point of the second part will be New Year’s Eve party until the early morning hours !!! The third section will concern Europe and its significance in 21st century. Participants, during workshops and debates, will be discussing issues such as: European identity and communist past in our countries. Additionally, in the project language animations, national film evenings and national evening will be organized.


Project is co-funded by the programme “Youth in Action”
The European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Training for people interested in the programme "Youth in Action"
18-19 December 2010

European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation invites representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of informal groups of young people, representatives of local self-government, the institution's staff working with young people, volunteers and young people from the Lublin region for training on the programme of the European Commission - "Youth in Action". The meeting will take place from 18th till 19th November 2010 in Nasutow, nearLublin. Participation in the meeting is free, participants will receive information and promotional materials of the "Youth in Action" programme. During the meeting, participants will learn general principles of the Programme and the specificity of each of its Actions. The meeting is intended for people who wish to avail themselves of the possibility of financing projects in the framework of the "Youth in Action".

Eliza Iwan:

Labor Market Institute
Changing role – occupational trainings for persons leaving agriculture
A project addressed to people working in agriculture, who want to retrain and acquire a new profession, occured to be very popular. Another groups begin their participation in the project. Few last places are waiting for volunteers. A project entitled “Changing role – occupational trainings for persons leaving agriculture” will allow 80 people to acquire new skills in the following professions: cosmetics with elements of makeup, tailoring with design, technologist finishing works in construction, cook in a small gastronomy, the vendor handling cash register and computer. Three groups already participating in classes, and the next are in the process of forming. Registration for the project are underway. We provide reimbursement of travel cost, feeding, training addition, training materials and valuable starting sets. Participation in all activities is free.

Maria Grzybała:

Labor Market Institute
„ Mum can do anything”
European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation, Labor Market Institute, Office of the project “ OPEN - INDEPENDENT –ACTIVE” in Ostrołęka have been invited to present the project as a good practice during a seminar titled “Mum can do anything” organized by the Mazowiecka Implementation of EU Programmes Unit - Department in Ostrołęka. The seminar is a presentation of good practices and possibilities available within the frames of Human Capital Operational Programme to women who want to get back to the labour market after the break in their professional career caused by children care. Seminar will be held on 10th December 2010 in John Poul II Primary School nr 10, Gen. Z. Berlinga Street in Ostroleka.

Monika Bryk:

Labor Market Institute
First training in Kielce
In November was held the first training for two groups. Training on "Vocational Guidance - Advanced Level" and "Vocational Guidance - basic level" held in Dal Hotel in Kielce.
Participants trained the ability to conduct individual conversations, and explored the secrets of the work of school guidance counselor.
Photos from the first day of training are in the gallery of the project:

Magdalena Soprych:

Labor Market Institute
Project recruitment completed!
On November 30th, 2010 enrolment for the project “Working graduate” was concluded. Schooling groups were formed.
The groups: “Computer graphics and website creation”, “Office Administration” and “Managing European Projects” finished their workshop from fields such as key social-vocational competences and mobility in the job market. The first participants received their individual vocational counselling sessions at the beginning of December.
Organizational-informative meetings, both individual and in groups, are also taking place. All information on our project, pictures and documents can be found on our website:

Olena Shnayder/Beata Mroczka:

Europe Direct
“European funds for entrepreneurs”
On 2nd December Europe Direct – Lublin Information Point orginized a training about possibilities of gaining european funds for entrepreneurs form Lubelskie Region.
The training was held in Lublin in the conference hall of NOT. The training contained presentation of possibilities of financing the business activity from the sources of Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Region in period 2007-2013.
Discussed were the actions of the I and II Priority Axis for entrepreneurs as well as the timetable of applying for these funds and general rules of expenses qualification in the frames of the Programme.
Participants also got to know the application form and the rules of construction of business plan for the I Priority Axis and some good practises concerning applying for european funds.
After the training participants had the opportunity to consult the trainer, a specialist on the field of european funds.

Maria Grzybała:

Project supported by the Polish-German Youth Office
The European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Young people on the European labor market
Between 14.11-20.11.2010 in the European Meeting Centre in Nasutów youth from Lublin and Berlin participated for the first time in the german-polish youth exchange about development and employment opportunities for young people in Poland and Germany.
The meeting contained workshops on women and men on the labor market in Poland and Germany as well as on job opportunities for students. In addition participants got information about youth programs such as Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth in Action and the Polish-German Youth Office.
Enrichment project was a visit to the Career Centre of UMCS and Employment Office in Lublin and intercultural education workshops conducted by the european volunteers from France, Macedonia, Germany and Austria.

Agata Kołtunik:

Project supported by the Polish-German Youth Office

The European Centre of Youth Co-operation
Economic situation in Poland and Germany. Polish-German youth exchange
Between 07.11-13.11.2010 in the European Meeting Centre in Nasutów was held a polish-german youth exchange about the economic situation in Germany and Poland.
During the exchange young Poles and Germans took part in workshops about vocational education system in Poland and Germany, the current economic situation in both countries in terms of standard of living of the average citizen in any of them.
Diversification of the workshop were visits related to the topic of the project: in the company Roto Frank Lubartów and the Regional Labour Office in Lublin. Moreover, visitors from Germany had the opportunity to learn about the history of Lublin and the polish culture during the day in Lublin and polish evening..

Agata Koł

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