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Project supported by programme "Youth in Action"
European Voluntary Service in European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation
At the end of February 2010 to the Nowy Staw Foundation arrive two foreign volunteers, where they will implement their EVS project within Action 2 - European Voluntary Service of the European Union programme o "Youth in Action".
Gabrielle from France and Sanja from Macedonia come to the Foundation for the period of 9 months to assist in carrying out its activities primarily those within the European Center of Youth Cooperation. They are coming to Poland as well in order to gain some new experience and to learn about Polish culture and language. The main task of the European volunteers will be work with local volunteers over the youth projects supported by the Foundation.

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Eliza Iwan:

Opening conference of the project “Transfer of know-how on professional counseling for young people”
Labour Market Institute
On 22nd of February the opening conference of the Project "” will take place . The aim of the project is to improve the qualifications of professional counselors from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus through the transfer of the methods of professional counseling for young people between 4 countries: Poland, Norway, Belarus and Ukraine. The project will take place until March 2011.
The participants of the opening conference will be the partners of the project. They will present their organizations and systems of professional counseling in Norway, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. After the conference from 23 until 27 of February there will be a study visit. During the visit the persons managing the project will visit institutions dealing with professional counseling in Lublin and close to Lublin.

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Katarzyna Kańczugowska:

Poles and Germans on the way to the common future in peace and freedom competition for polish and german youth from the twin cities Lublin and Munster on the occasion of the 70 anniversary of the begin of the second world war
Jury has selected the winners of the polish-german competition. We received 8 works in a very different form: newspaper, essay, movie, radio broadcast, poster and Power Point presentation.
Jury had no doubts abort the first prize. The winners are students from Gimnazjum No. 24 in Lublin, who presented a newspaper entitled “To cross the symbols”. Jury noticed the amount of work which was done by the kids as well as the very interesting graphic form and content of the newspaper. It was made with all details as a real professional newspaper.

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Marta Jędrych :

The new project "Information-education-a better future"
Action 9.3 "Promoting formal learning within the school" POKL
Labour Market Institute
Starting on 1 February to 31 October 2010 at the Institute of Labor Market will be implemented the project "Information-Education-a better future." The project in its main premise will promote the idea of lifelong learning in the Lublin region.
Key activities planned in the project will be directed to adults interested in increasing their education within the school. They will be able to benefit from the point of information and advisory base of continuing education centers, consulting with a professional counselor, psychologist, as well as participate in educational fairs.

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Aneta Mojduszka :

Award in the competition for German-Polish Youth Prize 2009
„To maintain the memory”.

On 28 January in Wrocław the awards given by the German-Polish Youth Office for the best polish-german historical projects were given. The representative of the European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation Malte Koppe received the award from the vice-minister of education of Poland and from the minister of family issues in Germany.
„The Meeting Place“ Wrocław came as a perfect choice for the awarding ceremony of the 3. Polish-German Youth Prize sponsored by the PNWM. The prize ought to honor excellent projects in the framework of history conducted by youngsters. Already for the last couple of years, Polish Wrocław (the former Breslau) tries to live up to this year’s competition slogan “Keep the memory” (Zachować Pamięć).

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Marta Jędrych :

Trainingfor people interested in the programme "Youth in Action"
European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation invites representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of informal groups of young people, representatives of local self-government, the institution's staff working with young people, volunteers and young people from the Lublin region for training on the programme of the European Commission - "Youth in Action".
The meeting will take place from 17th till 18th February 2010 in Nasutow, nearLublin. Participation in the meeting is free, participants will receive information and promotional materials of the "Youth in Action" programme.

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Eliza Iwan:

The annual Congress of the Polish-German Networking:

Like every year Polish and German partners will have the opportunity to make new contacts and preparation of projects already planned. In addition, the congress participants will have the opportunity to talk with the staff of the German Federation for Cultural Youth Education and the Polish-German Youth Office on the proposals and funded projects.
In addition, the center of attention the last day of the congress is: "Do not small enough to go out into the great world" - an international meeting on education-based child-cultural influences. Both in Poland and Germany, more and more organizations in their countries involved in the field of cultural education. The question is: as you can make good use of the educational experience in international projects?

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